Our coffee beans…

Our coffee comes from Glasgow’s oldest roasting company, Thomson’s Coffee Roasters, established in 1841. Our special Jellyhill blend is a historical recipe, chosen for optimum flavour, depth and strength. This blend of Brazil, Guatemala, and high-grade Indian Robusta just oozes quality.

Carefully flame-roasted dark, the depth of body and lingering strength imparted by the Indian Robusta is complimented perfectly by smooth milk chocolate and toasted hazelnut notes. A traditionalist’s espresso, this coffee retains its flavour and strength even blended with textured milk or our vegan alternatives.

Not only is our coffee to die for, we serve each cup with a delectable piece of home-made vanilla tablet. Or you could take your coffee experience to the next level and ask us to make you an espresso martini – if you fancy joining us for some cocktails.  Go on, you know you’re worth it!

We know that you just won’t be able to get enough of our great coffee taste so we also provide our blend – beans or ground – in bags, for you to enjoy at home or give away to friends (if you can bear to part with it…).

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